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Welcome to the Netherlands and to LoonZorg!

LoonZorg offers health insurance policies especially for labour migrants and/or expats. With this website we intend to provide more insight in the Dutch healthcare system. Also you can find English policy information. Of course if you have got any questions you are most welcome to ask them, preferably by email. We can also advise you to have a look at the frequently asked questions on our website. Enjoy your stay in the Netherlands!

Health insurance system in the Netherlands

If you work and pay income tax in the Netherlands you are legally obliged to take out health insurance from a Dutch health insurer. An international health insurance is not recognised as a valid Dutch health insurance. It is your own responsibility to take out health insurance and you are free to choose your health insurer. Every health insurance provider is obliged to accept you for insurance under the standard health insurance package (Basisverzekering) irrespective of health, age and gender. The health care that is covered by the Basisverzekering is determined by the Government and is the same for every health insurance provider.

Coverage standard package (Basisverzekering)

The Basisverzekering generally covers (a part of) care by general practitioners, specialists and midwives, hospital care and medicines. On this website you can find more detailed information about the basic coverage. Children under the age of 18 have to be insured as well but they do not pay a premium because they are covered under their parent’s premium.


People pay a monthly premium to their health insurance provider. Although the coverage of the standard package (Basisverzekering) is everywhere exactly the same, the premium that health insurance providers ask may vary. These days it is hard to compare the premiums of health insurance providers because they offer their products with different deductibles. Deductibles or excess is the amount you will have to pay yourself before receiving reimbursement from the health care provider. Besides a compulsory deductible of 375,- euros (2015) one can also choose for a voluntary excess (or deductible). The higher the voluntary excess the lower is your monthly premium. LoonZorg offers by far the lowest possible premium for the Basisverzekering to expats and/or labour migrants. Find out more about our options.

‘Natura Policy’ or ‘Restitution Policy’

When you conclude health care insurance you will have to choose between a natura policy and a restitution policy. A natura policy means that when you need health care you must see a health care provider that is contracted by the health insurance company. The health insurance company will pay the bill directly to the healthcare provider. A restitution policy means that you can choose the healthcare supplier yourself but also pay the bills yourself. Of course you can send this bill to the health insurance company which will reimburse you. In general a natura policy is cheaper than the restitution policy. Although most of the healthcare providers are contracted by the health insurance companies if you conclude a natura policy we advise you to check with your insurer company whether your care provider is contracted or not.

Supplementary (additional) insurance packages

Health insurance providers offer extensive insurance coverage as well. As opposed to the standard package for these additional packages the health insurance companies are not obliged to accept you. For example an additional package covers glasses, physiotherapy or dental care. LoonZorg possibly can get you a 10% discount on your extensive insurance package.

Healthcare allowance

To make sure that the premium of the standard package is affordable for everyone, the Dutch government provides a healthcare allowance to people with a low income. If you want to know if you are entitled to the healthcare allowance or you need help, please send an email to info@loonzorg.nl.